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Imagine your icon cuddling with you and they would tickle you and kiss your face all over to make you giggle and squirm and they would wrap you up in their arms and sing fun little songs to you and interlock your fingers with theirs and him into your ear until you both fall asleep 

My icon is me.

A transcript from the footage British journalist Martin Bashir excluded from his documentary special "Living with Michael Jackson" .

  • Martin Bashir: You can't go out like normal people ?
  • Michael Jackson: Oh, God no..
  • Martin: Why not ?
  • Michael: Because the whole place stops . We've tried before , but eventually we'd have to call security and the police. If I would go to a club they would play my music , as I want to hear my own music. And they would ask me to dance, so it becomes a show all over again. If I go to a book store and get a book people are asking " Why is he buying that book. Why is Michael Jackson reading this ? " . It's just difficult.
  • Martin: When are you most lonely ?
  • Michael: Um, well... At hotels mostly. All the people outside, screaming your name. And you can't go anywhere really. So I would sit and cry . People take it all for granted . Buddies, playing outside , having fun... There was never any of that for me.
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the bible said adam AND eve so i slept with them both

Well it’s the Bible, not the Straightble, I’m just following the book.